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As a Mig welder you are responsible for what materials and equipment you need to make a proper weld connection. Of course it is necessary to have insight in what welding thicknesses are needed. This applies to both new constructions and repairs. It is also possible that you will have to work from a drawing, stitch it together and then weld it.


Technical Draughtsman

As technical draughtsman you will be involved in the project-based development of diverse projects of various constructions and grippers. This regularly happens on the basis of the customer's desired ideas for the project and thinking along with this is therefore an advantage. No project is the same. You are responsible for drawing / modeling / detailing the project, for this you use Solid edge.


Conventional / CNC turner

Do you have experience as a conventional or CNC turner? Then we are also looking for you. The position requires a high degree of material and machine knowledge. You like to work independently with a lot of control over your work. Knowledge of setting, programming and operating CNC machines is a plus. 


Allround metal worker

Do you have a passion for metal or 3D drawing / design but no relevant experience? We would like to get in touch with you. Over the years we have helped many people get the right experience and certificates to succeed in the industry. 

Construction Worker
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